AntiTheft Android Watchdog PRO v3.06 Apk For Android

Download AntiTheft Android Watchdog PRO v3.06 Apk For Android Have you had this circumstance: while strolling through the city the costly telephone or tablet tumbles from your pack or pocket, but since of the surrounding commotion you see the misfortune past the point of no return.

“Android Watchdog” spare you from such inconveniences. The application is intended to keep the loss of cell phones with Android (telephone or tablet), and look for it and recognize the hoodlum of the gadget, in the event that it has been stolen. At the point when the gadget tumbles from the pack or pocket, the program begins noisy siren, and if the client does not react and don’t turn it off, application sending a SMS-message with a GPS-directions of the lost gadget on standby telephone. If there should arise an occurrence of robbery “Android Watchdog” enables you to track the difference in SIM-card, to decide GPS-directions of the gadget, making the hoodlum’s photographs, and record his discussion through SMS-inquiries. One of the primary highlights of the application is the capacity to remotely kill on/the portable web and WI-FI-module.AntiTheft Android Watchdog PRO v3.06  Apk For Android

What is the benefit of “Android Watchdog” in examination with other comparable applications?

1) Does not require a dynamic Internet association on your cell phone, in light of the fact that empower or incapacitate it remotely. (Note: On Android 5.0 or later programming versatile web exchanging isn’t accessible. You can control just WI-FI association.)

2) It isn’t important to acquire pull rights for work.

3) Does not require a membership expense for the utilization of a particular Internet administration to scan for a cell phone (just a single time charge for PRO-form or free LITE adaptation).

4) Allows you to take photographs and record the hoodlum’s discussion.

5) Allows you to track the gadget falling.

6) It is conceivable to conceal the application from the launcher. (TO START IT, ENTER *#*#4568#*#* IN DIALLER)

7) SIM-card change following including 2-SIM gadgets (Android 5.1+)

The application has an adaptable setup, the instinctive interface, and inherent help framework.

Before utilizing the application is unequivocally prescribed to get to know the inherent help (Menu – Help).

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